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The Student Advisory Committee (SAC) leads Harvard undergraduates in planning and executing IOP programs and projects. It seeks to engage a diverse group of students and helps shape a long-term vision for the Institute.

Executive Leadership


Eva Guidarini is so excited to be serving as the President of the Institute of Politics! She spent the last year chairing the Harvard Public Opinion Project Poll at the IOP and working as the IOP's Summer in Washington Coordinator. She lives in Winthrop House and is pursuing a concentration in Government and a secondary in Economics. Hailing from across the United States, Eva has called San Francisco, Indianapolis, Michigan, West Virginia, and Washington D.C. home. Eva is a serious polling nerd, a committed olympaholic, a devoted foodie, and an avid Detroit sports fan.

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Vice President

Jacob Morello is a junior in Dunster House concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Government. Originally from Tampa, FL, he became involved with the IOP his freshman fall as a member of John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum committee, and has been a liaison for the Fellows and Study Groups program, a member of the Special Events committee, a staff writer for the Harvard Political Review, and a tutor through the Citizenship Tutoring program. Outside of the IOP, he is the Vice-President of Harvard Model Congress San Francisco as well as a committee chairman for the Harvard Model Congress Boston and Madrid conferences. He is also a member of the Harvard Catholic Student Association, and enjoys composing for string orchestra. Prior to serving as Vice-President of the IOP, he was the chair of the JFK Jr. Forum committee.

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Communications Director

Daniel Ki is a junior in Mather House concentrating in Government. In his freshman year, Daniel joined the IOP as a liaison for Fellows and Study Groups, a CIVICS teacher to fifth graders in Boston, and a Citizenship tutor to Harvard employees. After spending a summer at the Democratic Governors Associations as a Directors Intern, he served as Co-Chair of Fellows and Study Groups. He is incredibly excited for his new role as Communications Director. Originally from Cupertino, California, he is also an avid fan of the San Francisco Giants and President of the Harvard College Democrats.

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Colin is a sophomore living in Cabot house and plans to concentrate in Social Studies with a focus on the politics of education reform. In addition to his role as treasurer, Colin is the U.S. editor for the Harvard Political Review, has been involved in the Harvard Public Opinion Project, Citizenship Tutoring, Civics, Community Action, Fellows and Study Groups, the Harvard Political Union, the National Campaign, the Special Events committee, and co-organized Camp IOP to help freshmen discover everything the IOP has to offer. A native Hoosier, Colin enjoys espresso based drinks, anything written by Aaron Sorkin, and politically themed parody Twitter accounts.

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Student Advisory Committee Leadership

Harvard Political Review

Daniel Backman is a junior in Mather House and president of the Harvard Political Review. Originally from Glenview, Illinois, Daniel concentrates in Social Studies with a focus on racial and class inequalities in American cities. Daniel is also founder and president of Harvard's chapter of Democracy Matters, a national campaign finance reform advocacy organization. He enjoys writing and reading about economic and social policy, progressivism, and all things Chicago. Daniel's favorite public figure is Beyoncé Knowles-Carter.

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Fellows and Study Groups

Jenny Choi is a sophomore from New York, a member of Winthrop House, and a concentrator in Social Studies. The Institute of Politics has served as a home for her since the very beginning of her freshman year and she is excited to finally start giving back by serving as co-chair of Fellows & Study Groups. Within the IOP, Jenny also serves as the Senior Campus Editor of the Harvard Political Review and outside the IOP, she co-directs the Athena Program (a gender-awareness mentoring program for high school students) and serves on the board of the Digital Literacy Project. She spent last summer interning for the Chilean government in their ministry for women's affairs, and exploring the connection between the themes in James Joyce's Ulysses and public service with Chinese high school students. While her more serious interests range from civic technology to women's involvement in politics, she also loves playing tunes on her fiddle and swimming laps in the pool.

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James is a sophomore from Bridgewater, Massachusetts living in Pforzheimer House and studying government. Before leading the Policy Program, James was the co-chair of the education policy group and worked on issues like teacher recruitment and computer science education. In addition to his work at the IOP, James was elected in 2012 to the Bridgewater-Raynham Regional School Committee, where he currently serves on a range of subcommittees including Policy, Volunteerism & Community Involvement, Scholarships, and is the liaison to the School Committee Advisory Board. Having spent three summers interning in the Massachusetts State Senate, James would also like to help develop the policy internship program created from the partnership of the IOP and the Massachusetts State Senate Legislative Education Office.

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Chris Farley is the Chair of the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum at the Institute of Politics. Chris has interned in opposition research at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Obama for America, as well as in the Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs at the Department of Commerce. He is originally from Rye, New York and first joined the IOP in his freshman fall. Chris is a sophomore Government concentrator in Winthrop House.

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Women in Leadership

Leah is a junior in Pforzheimer House from New Rochelle, New York. She studies Government and is working towards a secondary in Modern Middle Eastern Studies. An avid watcher of Scandal and Political Animals, Leah has a long-standing interest in women's leadership and political participation in America and abroad. This past summer, she was able to see politics in action while working on the hill with Congresswoman Nita Lowey. She is so excited to be joining the IOP as Chair of the Women's Initiative in Leadership Program.

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Harvard Political Union

Zak Lutz is the chair of the Harvard Political Union and a chronic IOP Student Lounge nap taker. Hailing from North Bend, Ohio, Zak is a sophomore in Winthrop House concentrating in Social Studies and Philosophy. At the IOP, he’s also involved in Harvard Political Review, National Campaign, and the Special Events Committee, and outside the IOP he edits for Change Magazine. A future diabetic, he knows more Carly Rae Jepsen lyrics than he'd care to admit.

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Internships and Career Services

Irfan Mahmud is a sophomore in Winthrop House studying Economics from Saint George, Utah. Serving as a citizenship tutor, fellow liaison, get-out-the-vote volunteer, economic policy research leader, he has found a home in the IOP. Outside of the IOP, he is an intern at the Harvard Foundation, Co-Chair of the Foundation SAC, news editor of the Crimson, and a leader of Harvard College Students for Bangladesh, in addition to being a devout foodie and television addict. He is thrilled to be serving on the SAC as ICS Chair.

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Citizenship Tutoring

Jacob Moscona-Skolnik is a sophomore from New York City pursuing a concentration in Social Studies with a secondary field in Molecular & Cellular Biology. Jacob has been involved with the Citizenship Tutoring and JFK Jr. Forum committees at the Institute of Politics since his freshman year, and is excited to chair Citizenship Tutoring for the upcoming year. On campus, he also serves on the board of the Harvard International Review and is involved in several musical ensembles. In his free time, Jacob enjoys writing poetry, playing tennis, and traveling with his younger brother.

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Fellows and Study Groups

Aaron is a Sophomore in Winthrop House from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is concentrating in Social Studies with a focus in Civic Engagement in Urban America and has a strong interest in American politics and economics. Through the Institute of Politics, he has served as a liaison to Governor Jim Doyle and CNN's John King and has worked on Economic Inequality through IOPolicy. He has also done direct service work with the Phillips Brooks House Association, where he recently stepped down as Director of the Leaders Mentoring Program

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National Campaign

Niyat Mulugheta is a sophomore living in Kirkland House, concentrating in Government and attaining a secondary in Economics. She grew up in the great state of Texas, where her love for politics transpired. Niyat began her participation at the Institute of Politics during her freshman year, joining National Campaign, Women in Leadership, Fellows and Study Group, and Members-at-Large. This year she added the Harvard Political Opinion Project to her IOP resume and is thrilled to serve on the Student Advisory Committee. When Niyat is not at the IOP, she serves as the Co-Director for the Alberta V. Scott Mentorship Program and is a Peer Advising Fellow for freshman.

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Community Action Committee

Andrea Ortiz is a sophomore in Kirkland House studying Social Studies. She got her first taste of the IOP freshman year as a member of the HPR. She then joined the 2012 elections team thanks to former president Jenny Ye and fell in love with the IOP’s mission of promoting public service. She joined the MAL program and continued to work on promoting public service throughout campus as a member of the IOP/PBHA collaborative, a task force trying to bring together the two largest public service organizations on campus. This past summer Andrea was an IOP Director’s Intern in Buenos Aires, Argentina and returned her sophomore year to be a member of the Community Action Committee. Her passion for service and determination to spread the importance of service throughout the Harvard community pushed her to run for Community Action Chair for Spring & Fall 2014.

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Arifeen Rahman is the Co-Chair of the Policy Program. Originally from San Jose, CA, she is a sophomore in Winthrop House concentrating in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. Arifeen joined the IOP freshman year as a member of SPEV and the Education Policy group. She proceeded to found and chair the Healthcare and Technology policy group. Outside of the IOP, Arifeen is an editor of the Harvard Health Policy Review and a patient advocate for Health Leads.

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Jake Silberg is a junior in Adams House studying Social Studies. His particular focus is the intersection of political and economic thought in education reform. Jake joined the IOP in his freshman year with the CIVICS program, teaching students in Allston and Cambridge schools about the American government, their rights, and responsibilities. Outside of the IOP, he is a member of the Immediate Gratification Players, Harvard’s long-form improv comedy troupe.

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Special Events

Kim Soffen, the chair of the Special Events committee, is a sophomore in Mather House concentrating in Computer Science and Math. She is particularly interested in how these quantitative fields can be used to make governments act more efficiently. She has been involved in the IOP, namely the Special Events committee, since freshman year and hopes to continue putting on many thought-provoking events. Aside from the IOP, Kim enjoys long distance running and sarcasm.

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Harvard Public Opinion Project

Alex Wirth is a junior from Santa Fe, New Mexico concentrating in Government with a secondary in Economics. Alex is the current Chair of the Harvard Public Opinion Project. Alex also leads the Campaign for a Presidential Youth Council and was appointed by Secretary Clinton to the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO. Alex is a blogger for the Huffington Post, founder of the Youth Creating Action Network, and an active tweeter (@amaliowirth). He is currently a member of the Forum for Youth Investment Board of Directors has served on the youth council's of, Youth Service America, and State Farm Insurance Company.

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