South Korean National Assembly

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Internship Description:
Co-sponsored with the Korea Institute, Harvard University

For Korea Institute/IOP co-sponsored internships, you must submit your application through the IOP Website.

Cosponsored with the Korea Institute, Harvard University, this Director’s Internship will be placed in the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Trade and Unification of the NationalAssembly.  While interning for the Committee Chief of Staff, the Director’s Intern will learn more about how legislation is drafted and other legislative activities, as well as assisting with English documents and foreign visitors.  In this office, the Director’s Intern will gain an inside view on the complexities of Korean politics.  There is a website where you can visit  and though it is in Korean, there is an English section.  Candidates should be fluent in Korean and English.

2014 Director's Intern Reflection:

My internship at the South Korean National Assembly’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, Trade and Unification this summer has provided me a valuable opportunity to see some of the most important political processes in South Korea firsthand. For me, this has been particularly special in developing my interest in international affairs. Not only was I able to regularly attend and watch committee meetings for both Foreign Affairs and Unification departments at the National Assembly, I had access to various research documents and resources that were provided to National Assembly members. I was given various research and translating assignments, but my main work was to help organize the U.S. Congress-South Korean National Assembly Student Exchange Program. I was responsible for helping write the program packet and to make sure that all aspects of the program would run as smoothly as possible. As Assistant Program Director, I was later not only able to tour Seoul but also Pyeongtaek, Jeonju, and Gunsan with the visiting American exchange students. Throughout the program I was also able to meet the Korean exchange students. Overall, this summer has been particularly memorable for the valuable friendships I have made with both the American and Korean students in the exchange program and I would wholeheartedly recommend this internship for all students who are fluent in Korean.

Franklin Lee '15

2013 Director's Intern Reflection:

My internship revolved around planning, coordinating, and executing the U.S. Congress-Korean National Assembly Exchange Program. As the program's Assistant Director, I lead the one-week training session for the Korean delegation traveling to America, scheduled the two-week itinerary  for the American delegation in Korea, created a detailed program booklet, made and presented a national campaign advertisement for our Committee, edited the Korean delegation's written materials for the exchange, and was in constant communication with our American counterparts in Washington D.C. Anyone and everyone who is fluent in Korean should apply for this prestigious Director's Internship.

Una Kim ‘15

2012 Director’s Intern Reflection:

This summer working at the Committee for Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Unification at the National Assembly in Seoul, South Korea was one of the best experiences I’ve had at Harvard. My main responsibilities included writing an introduction to the National Assembly for foreign visitors in English, editing the English translation of the Republic of Korea-Turkey Free Trade Agreement, creating a presentation in English and Korean to introduce the Committee to visitors, and helping to organize the ROK National Assembly-U.S. Congress Youth Exchange. This was arguably my most important responsibility. I helped to facilitate between the English-speaking student delegation from the U.S. and the mostly Korean-speaking staff of the Committee. I also had to translate at various places where there was no adequate English translation. This also afforded me the opportunity to travel throughout Seoul and South Korea, including Jeolla province and the DMZ.

My fellow coworkers were incredibly helpful and understanding, instrumental in making this summer as amazing as it was. My fluency in Korean was critical in establishing relationships with my coworkers and supervisors as well as executing all of my projects and responsibilities. This internship also gave me a front seat in observing parliamentary activities in the South Korean government, as well as the opportunity to learn about the political culture and atmosphere in Seoul.

Haemin Jee '14

2010 Director’s Intern Reflection:

The experience I had through my internship at the South Korean National Assembly’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, Trade and Unification was a wonderful and unforgettable one.  We were provided with lunch daily, and were invited on visits to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Ministry of Unification, the Korea Foundation, the Korea International Cooperation Agency, and much more.  It is not necessary, but it definitely helps to have some Korean speaking skills for this internship; I was able to befriend my coworkers quickly because I was able to speak Korean.  In terms of my job responsibilities, I was given the occasional researching and translating assignments.  I was also asked to create a presentation introducing the National Assembly and the Committee to visitors. The absolute best part of the internship was the U.S.-South Korea Congressional Youth Exchange.  Through this two-week program, ten Korean college/grad students visit the U.S., and ten American students visit Korea.  As the “Assistant Program Director,” I traveled around Seoul, and even to Jeju Island, with the American delegation.  I was mostly responsible for translating between the Korean staff members and the American delegation, and for assisting the Americans with getting from place to place. The sights I saw and the friendships I made through this program contributed to the most enjoyable and memorable summer of my life.

Christine Cho ‘11