National Campaign

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In 2003, the IOP established the National Campaign for Political and Civic Engagement in response to the growing number of college students who were increasingly active in community service yet not as engaged in the political process.  Since that time, we have seen enthusiasm for politics ebb and flow among Millennials; and throughout the Institute of Politics has been committed to working with twenty four colleges and universities across the country dedicated to the mission of developing civic-minded and politically engaged students. The mission is focused on three key areas: engagement in electoral politics, helping students pursue a career in public service, and a foundation in civic education. Schools in the consortium lead in these areas, and seek to provide and coordinate information and opportunities for their students to become engaged and active public servants.

At Harvard, students on the National Campaign committee work closely with National Campaign Ambassadors from partner schools on joint projects.  Currently, students are working with their local election offices to improve the voting experience for their campus communities, and will create a report documenting their efforts.

Learn more about the National Campaign Program.