Fellows & Study Groups

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The Fellows Program represents a unique opportunity for political practitioners with diverse experiences and viewpoints to interact with students, participate in the intellectual life of the community, and lead a not-for-credit study group. The Fellows Program is central to the Institute's dual commitment to encourage student interest in public life and to develop ways for the academic and political communities to learn from each other. 

Study groups present a tremendous opportunity for students to learn informally from leading public servants, political practitioners, journalists, academics, and more. Organized as semester-long, non-for-credit weekly seminars, study groups are hosted by the Institute's Fellows and other distinguished group leaders. Study group topics range from local to global issues, and are offered in a variety of formats, including project-based working groups, skill-building workshops, and traditional Q&A-based discussion groups.

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Spring 2016 Study Group Schedule

Anurima Bhargava - Tuesdays at 4:15pm (L-166)

Peter Westmacott - Tuesdays at 4:15pm (FDR)

Annise Parker - Wednesdays at 4pm (L-166)

Anne Hawley  - Wednesdays at 4pm (FDR)

Karin Agness - Thursdays at 4pm (L-166)

Christopher Smart - Thursdays at 4pm (FDR)

Current Study Groups