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  • Welcome, Mika and Joe!  - Visiting Fellows for Fall 2017

  • “If the Security Council takes any punitive action, like economic sanctions, North Korea has said this is tantamount to going to war.”

    – Wendy Sherman, Fall 2015 Fellow

  • "People aren’t drawn to public service to be cynics – we get involved because we believe in a better world."

    — Matt Lira, Spring 2015 Fellow

  • "You can probably make more money by going into corporate or a multinational company. But you can change history through politics. It is a choice of owning your private jet or getting your name in history books. I would choose the jet, but you are better than me."

    — Bassem Youssef, Spring 2015 Fellow

Established in 1966, the Fellows Program is a cornerstone of Institute life and the only program of its kind at Harvard University or anywhere else.  An IOP Fellowship offers the rare opportunity for professionals in politics and public service to spend a semester at Harvard sharing their experiences with students and exploring important public issues with a distinguished group of their peers. With a strong emphasis on student-Fellow interaction, Fellows lead a not-for-credit study group, participate in Institute activities, and engage in informal interchange with students and faculty.

Chaired by: Jason Ge and Emily Hall

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