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One of the IOP’s signature programs is the Director’s Internship program. Since 1995, we have partnered with high-profile organizations and elected officials around the world to provide substantive, career-oriented summer internships for undergraduate students interested in politics, government, and public service. 

This summer we offered100 Director’s Internships, which are fully funded by the IOP in the amount of $4000. IOP Director's Interns are responsible for completing 8-10 weeks of full-time work. Each student is eligible to apply for up to two Director’s Internships.

2013 Director's Interns Sietse Goffard '15 and Eliza Pan '15 were profiled in the Harvard Gazette for their work serving the constituents of Congressman Joe Kennedy III and Labor Party Member of Parliament, Rachel Reeves, respectively.

Watch one of our 2013 Director's Intern of the Week clips with Sam Wohns

Reaction from 2013 Director's Interns:

Work at Cato has been substantive, filled with meaningful research projects rather than menial tasks. I also had the opportunity to represent Cato in the annual Libertarianism vs. Conservatism debate against interns from the Heritage Foundation. Preparation for the debate was extensive, and I was able to work with various Cato scholars and executives in the process, revealing the team-oriented nature of Cato’s work culture.

Caleb Galoozis ‘14
Cato Institute

In the office, I was surrounded by dedicated individuals – people who are talented and knowledgeable, but still amazingly accessible and provide great mentorship. Apart from those in the Office of Debt Management, I was also able to meet and interact with a variety of influential individuals across offices in both Domestic Finance and International Affairs through the Treasury’s internal intern speaker series!

Michelle Yang '15
United States Department of the Treasury

For questions about the Director's Internship Program, please email

Returning Harvard College Undergraduates. Former Director's Interns are not eligible.
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