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One of the IOP’s signature programs is the Director’s Internship program. Since 1995, the IOP has partnered with high-profile organizations and elected officials around the world to provide substantive, career-oriented summer internships for undergraduate students interested in politics, government, and public service. 

This summer the IOP offered 100 Director’s Internships, which are fully funded by the IOP in the amount of $4000. IOP Director's Interns are responsible for completing 8-10 weeks of full-time work. Each student is eligible to apply for up to two Director’s Internships.

Watch one of our 2014 Director's Intern of the Week clips with Jack Smith

Reactions from 2014 Director's Interns:

This past summer, I had the privilege of getting to intern at The Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C. There is an exciting energy that is uniquely characteristic of the think tank environment—highly inquisitive people working on a whole host of self initiated research tasks. And for The Heritage Foundation, the foremost conservative think tank, this seemed to be especially the case. It is seen as the organization tasked with bringing together the various factions of conservatism, and giving the movement one principled and cohesive voice.

Devi Nair ‘16
The Heritiage Foundation


Working for the Office of the White House Liaison within the Department of Education has been an incredibly fulfilling and interesting experience due to the opportunity to work with a group of dedicated and hard-working individuals that make up the ED workforce. The WHL office is different from many other offices as it doesn’t handle policy, but rather is responsible for providing a link between the Department and the White House. More specifically, one of the largest functions of the Office is to facilitate the finding and hiring of new political appointees and Senate-Confirmable level employees at ED, as well as working with the political appointees already within the Department.

Boyd Hampton ‘16
U.S. Department of Education, Office of White House Liaison

For questions about the Director's Internship Program, please email

Returning Harvard College Undergraduates. Former Director's Interns are not eligible.
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