Community Action

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The Community Action Committee (CAC) helps Harvard students impact the political process by taking action in their community. To this end, CAC is the entry point for community service and direct action at the IOP. Our projects and activities work to empower our community and foster political participation and awareness. In addition, CAC aims to bridge the gap between the various programs of the Institute of Politics by building a stronger IOP community. We work along side other Harvard community service and political organizations and community leaders to offer great opportunities for students to learn about local politics and help their community in the process through various voter registration, education and mobilization efforts.

The Community Action Committee is responsible for coordinating HVOTE, the IOP-sponsored campaign to get the students of Harvard College registered, educated and mobilized for all elections.  H-VOTE has been in effect each fall since 2002, and includes a massive effort to reach all freshmen on Study Card Day; a House and freshman dorm competition to get the most students to pledge to vote; advertisement of registration and absentee ballot deadline information; creating methods of educating students on candidate and issue information through debates, House events, discussions and activities, and providing students with state-specific information including absentee ballot information, deadlines, and candidate information through our partnership with TurboVote.

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