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Co-sponsored with the Center for European Studies

**Application Deadline January 15, 2014. Apply through the Center for European Studies**

For CES/IOP co-sponsored internships, you must submit your CES application through the CES website

The Centre for Applied Non-Violent Action and Strategies (CANVAS) is a non-profit, non-governmental, international network, oriented to educational work related to strategic nonviolent conflict. CANVAS was established in Belgrade in 2004. Its founding members, Slobodan Djinovic and Srdja Popovic, were leaders of the Serbian youth resistance movement Otpor! (Serbian for Resistance), which played an instrumental role in deposing Milosevic in 2000. CANVAS sees itself as the successor to a host of non-violent campaigners from India's Mohandas Gandhi to Martin Luther King Jr. CANVAS has become known for its work with nonviolent democratic movements worldwide through the transfer of knowledge on strategies and tactics of nonviolent struggle.

Internship description: • Updating Wikipedia page • Updating Facebook page • Updating Power Point presentations • Writing open source reports • Following news about conflicts • Working on weekly open-source report • Assistance in writing academic and conference papers • Assistance in making strategic analysis • Assistance in writing project proposals • Assistance in organizing workshops and in implementing projects conducted by CA

Every intern who comes to CANVAS has the opportunity to take part in all the projects and has the opportunity to meet various groups and activists from around the globe.

Qualifications: interpersonal abilities (interaction in cultural and ethnic diversity, written communication (e-mail, reports, correspondence), verbal communication, team work, problem solving. Serbian is not a prerequisite.

2013 Director's Intern Reflection:

Working for CANVAS has been a powerful and unique experience. The CANVAS office is small: no more than 5 staff members at any one time. As such, the office takes on a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and, more importantly, everyone is involved in all aspects of the work. Being such a small NGO means that everyone is given important tasks and responsibilities—interns (generally one to three present) are treated as valuable assets and members of the team.

No day at CANVAS is the same. One day might bring a large amount of Internet presence work (updating the website, Facebook and Twitter pages, etc.); another, editing a journal article before publication; and the next, working on an analysis of a pro-democracy, nonviolent revolutionary group. In addition, I spend a large amount of time working on CANVAS’s various guidebooks and articles in various stages of development (from background research to final editing).

Joseph Brennan '15