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As graduation nears, we are sadly getting ready to say goodbye to the class of 2013. Our Institute of Politics graduating seniors have helped shape our programming over the past four years and have already achieved so much in the world of politics and public service. Leading up to graduation, we are highlighting some of our seniors to showcase their accomplishments, knowng they truly will go on to change the world. 

Meet Danny Bicknell. Danny joined the IOP as a freshman invovled in our Special Events Program. He went on to serve as the President of the Harvard College Undergraduate Student Council, representing the voice of his classmates to the Harvard administration. Danny is especially interested in environmental policy and will be working as a researcher at Marstel-Day, LLC after graduation. We asked Danny a few questions about his experience with the IOP. Check out his responses below.

Why did you get involved at the Institute of Politics?

During my freshman fall, I became involved with the IOP’s Special Events Program. The Special Events program combined my interest in event planning and politics. We connected students to prominent political leaders through intimate events, like Pizza & Politics. Being from South Florida, one of the most memorable events was the BBQ in Winthrop Courtyard with the former Miami mayor and IOP Resident Fellow, Manny Diaz. 

Through the IOP’s Director’s Internship Program, I served as the conservation funding intern at The Wilderness Society during summer 2012. The internship program was an excellent opportunity to understand the real world environmental and legislation operations in the government and non-profit sectors. This opportunity was crucial to my academic growth and understanding of environmental policy.

Most recently, I had the opportunity to serve as the student liaison to Visiting Fellow, former Senator, and former President of the United Nations Foundation - Tim Wirth. We organized a study group focused on climate change and events focused on environmental organizing and political action with the Environmental Action Committee, Harvard College Democrats, and Harvard Model United Nations. This opportunity served as a capstone experience at the IOP – I was able to critically examine current environmental issues with a renowned environmental champion.

What is your favorite IOP memory?

November 2012 Election Night has been my favorite IOP memory. It was incredible to be surrounded by so many anxious and exited friends, peers, IOP staff and special guests. From the hanging of the electoral college map to the patriotically-accessorized photo booth, the IOP Forum served as the ideal location to watch the election results, especially the victories of Senator Warren and President Obama.

What was your overall experience with the IOP?

The IOP provided an unparalleled experience into politics and public service through events with prominent leaders, elected officials and peers. The many programs offered, engage students on a variety of levels in different interest areas. I was able to connect with many motivated peers on different sides of environmental and political issues.

Why is public service important to you?

Public service is a core tenant of my existence in the community. As an active member of my community, I have an obligation to advance the well-being of the community. At Harvard, I’ve focused on environmental education and civic engagement to address the pressing environmental issues and to get people in the position to best solve these issues.

What are you doing after graduation?

After graduation, I’ll be working as a Researcher at an environmental company - Marstel-Day, LLC. My practical experiences at the IOP complement the analytical skills that I gained in the classroom. My Director’s Internship at The Wilderness Society confirmed my commitment to work in the environmental sector after graduation. The new IOP Career Roundtables provided me the opportunity to explore different environmental career paths – in government, in the private sector and in non-profits. Additionally, the IOP staff provided incredible support and advice during my career exploration.