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Millennial Must-Reads are student-contributed posts by members of the "Millennial" generation - America's 18-29 year-olds - on current events and politics and public service. Viewpoints expressed are exclusively attributed to undergraduate authors and not endorsed by Harvard's Institute of Politics.

Sietse Goffard '15 was a 2013 Summer Director's Intern at the District Office of Congressman Joseph Kennedy III and serves as the student chair of the Institute's National Campaign team

Politics and Poetry

Politics and poetry don’t naturally go hand-in-hand. Save a few of the most beautiful and inspiring political orations in history – Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, delivered 50 years ago this month, comes to mind – political rhetoric today seems anything but “poetic.” For a fun and lighthearted blog post, I therefore decided to have a go at combining the two. Bringing together politics and creative writing – two of my great interests – here are some reflections from a very politically-themed summer.


This blog is where we each reflect,

Ponder life, and recollect.

As we go off and all disperse,

I thought, “Why not write my part in verse?”


My summer started right away

When my internship began in May.

On Day One, I was a tad bit nervous –

But we jumped right in to public service!


We’d help constituents, at times in distress.

Was it challenging? Sure. Educational? Yes.

And seeing friends play a similar part

In their summer jobs just warmed my heart.


But after work, no time to snooze –

There was endless summer political news!

Supreme Court cases, the Zimmerman trial,

Impassioned filibusters, Texas-style!


These political months have been a blast;

No wonder that they’ve gone so fast.

With weeks to go, let’s now get set

For the most epic IOP semester yet!


Though I must admit, it’ll be a feat,

For last year will be quite hard to beat!

From epic forums and Fellows, too,

To CAC, NAC, and SAC (to name a few).


And as this summer quickly ends,

The time arrives for IOPhrends

To reunite, connect, and see

Our shared Harvard home: the IOP.