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Introducing our Spring 2014 Fellows

Bob White brings a unique perspective to the world of politics having entered in a non-traditional way. His deep involvement in political campaigns – senatorial, gubernatorial and presidential – began after a distinguished business career.
In 1984, White was a founding partner of Bain Capital along with Mitt Romney and a small group of colleagues. Bain Capital started as a small private equity firm managing $38 million in a single office located in Boston. Today, the firm has become one of the world’s largest and most successful private equity and financial investment firms in the world, managing over $75 Billion in eight countries. 

Why did you apply to be a Fellow at Harvard University's Institute of Politics? 

I was encouraged to do so by friends and colleagues who have participated in the program and found it to be a valuable and rewarding experience. I look forward to sharing my point of view about politics and business while listening and learning from other Fellows and students. 

what can students and participants expect to learn about during your study groups?

As a business guy who spent every day in the war room of two presidential campaigns, I was fascinated by many things that happened and frustrated by others. We will explore many of these areas through a private sector lens. What concepts from the business world work in politics and which ones do not? Why not?

Each session will include campaign professionals and business professionals who will compare, contrast, critique and cajole. Finally, we will look at some good entrepreneurial/business practices successfully applied in the public sector. Participants will get a close up look at the key components of a Presidential Campaign and will be introduced to many basic business concepts. Sessions will be designed to be interactive, informative and fun. 

What are you most looking forward to this semester? 

I am looking forward to interacting with motivated students and immersing into the Harvard community. I learn something new everyday from my children and their friends, and I expect to listen and learn from the Harvard community.  I want to challenge some of the existing conventional thinking and want to be challenged in return. This should be a fun and meaningful semester.

Beginning February 18, Bob White's Study Group "The 'Wingman' in the War Room: A Private Sector Perspective on Presidential Politics" will be held on Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m. in the Faculty Dining Room on the first floor of the Institute of Politics.


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