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2013 HKS and HGSE Graduates to Wed!

On the morning of February 27, 2013, HKS student Nick Bayard and HGSE student Sedia Dennis thought they were just showing up to have their photographs taken in the Dear World photography event in the John F. Kennedy, Jr. Forum.  Neither of them expected to meet their future spouse. 

For the second year in a row, Harvard’s Institute of Politics had sponsored Robert X. Fogarty’s Dear World project to visit Harvard and take photographic portraits of students with personal messages to the world written on their bodies. 

Nick was a second-year student in the MPA/International Development program and wanted to write a message of solidarity to balding men encouraging them to embrace their baldness.  Sedia was earning her second Master’s Degree in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (her first was in ESL at the School for International Training) and wanted to write a message encouraging mindful and intentional teaching. 

After their long and slightly nervous conversation in the “Dear World” line, Nick mustered the courage to ask Sedia out.  The following Sunday, he took her to brunch at Café Luna in Somerville, and he and Sedia have barely been apart since.  In a delightfully unexpected turn of events, a few weeks later the couple discovered that their singing voices blended well together and they sang a duet that won them first place in the Kennedy School’s annual Talent Show. 

Last month, at President Lincoln’s Cottage, Nick surprised Sedia with a marriage proposal.  He had told her that the Harvard Alumni Association had sponsored Harvard Alumni musicians to perform at the Cottage, and he was one of the musicians.  The Cottage’s Programs and Events Coordinator was in on the ruse and allowed them into the room where Lincoln penned the Emancipation Proclamation.  It was in that room that Nick proposed.  The couple will return to the Cottage in May for their wedding ceremony.   

Nick and Sedia write to the Institute of Politics,

“We are extremely grateful to Trey Grayson and Cathy McLaughlin for sponsoring what ended up being the most important event of our lives, and we are very thankful to Robert and the Dear World crew for bringing their project to Harvard.” 

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