Millennial Must-Read: 50 Years after the Voting Rights Act

Authored by Marcus Dennis. After 22 years in Congress, Robert “Bobby” Scott has not lost a step, nor has he forgotten what inspired him to become the first African-American Representative from Virginia since Reconstruction. Before participating in a two-person panel at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum entitled “50 Years After the Voting Rights Act: Strategies For Moving Forward,” I sat down to interview Congressman Scott, and discussed the contemporary obstacles in today’s electoral process.

Meet the Spring Fellows: Jay Newton-Small

Jay Newton-Small is Washington correspondent for TIME. She is currently writing a book about women in politics. Newton-Small joined TIME in 2007 to cover the Democratic side of the 2008 presidential campaign, traveling with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. She has also covered the White House, Congress, the 2012 Republican presidential campaign and foreign policy. She has been on assignment for TIME in Iran, Iraq, Jordan, the UAE, Ethiopia, Haiti, Indonesia, Australia, Canada and Europe.

House of Cards, West Wing and the Millennial Generation

As a card-carrying millennial, I wait with anticipation for February 27, when I can binge-watch the entire third season of House of Cards on my parents' Netflix account. My generation, cynical of politics, is fixated with the manipulative, calculating Frank Underwood, a modern day Willie Stark. Gone are the days of "walk and talks" and the soaring rhetoric of The West Wing, the idealistic icon of a generation past.

Meet the Spring Fellows: Martha Coakley

Re-elected to her second term as Attorney General in 2010, Martha Coakley has devoted her career to protecting children and public safety, standing up for consumers and taxpayers, and fighting for equality for all. After growing up in North Adams reading Nancy Drew novels and watching Perry Mason, perhaps it’s no coincidence that Coakley has charted a career as a distinguished prosecutor on the state and federal levels before serving as Middlesex District Attorney and now as the Commonwealth’s first female Attorney General.

Millennial Must-Read: Looking at the Politics of Race and Ethnicity Program

Authored by Politics of Race and Ethnicity Co-Chairs Osaremen Okolo '17 and Jordan Alston-Harmon '17.

The Politics of Race Ethnicity program (PRE) was an initiative at its inception last semester, and it was one that revolved around the speakers and discussions that defined our weekly meetings. The first line of our mission explains the program as existing to create a space for a sustained, nuanced, welcoming, and informed discussion about the intersection of race, ethnicity, identity, and politics. We were able to do just that with the help of Former United States Senator William “Mo” Cowan, Fall 2014 IOP Fellow Anton Gunn, and Harvard Professors Bruce Western and Kay Merseth. These thoughtful and engaging experts in their fields led us in sessions devised by the initiative’s co-chairs, Osaremen Okolo and Valentina Perez—sessions that ranged from “The Impact of the Midterm Elections of People of Color,” “Mobilizing Minorities in Elections,” “Mass Incarceration,” and “Race and Education.” But though our guests were a defining aspect of the past semester, it was student input and the conversation that flowed around the table in room L166 that built passion within and for PRE.

Meet the Spring Fellows: Matt Lira

Matt Lira is a Republican strategist, who most recently served as the Deputy Executive Director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee during the 2014 midterm election cycle. For the past decade, Matt’s work has placed him at the cross-section of politics, government and the emerging digital economy. With a unique mixture of experiences in Congressional Leadership and national campaigns, he has gained first-hand insight into our nation’s political and governing institutions.

Millennial Must-Read: Up Close with Brandon Stanton of HONY

Authored by John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum Committee member Brendan Kent '18.
As soon as I sat down to interview Brandon Stanton before his speech at the JFK Jr. Forum, it became clear why so many New Yorkers are willing to open up to him and, therefore, the millions of followers of his Humans of New York (HONY) Facebook page. The guy is a delight. He couldn’t have been happier to honestly discuss his viral blog with me before being interviewed by three others. As he said, he asks people the tough questions daily, so it’s probably fair for him to be on the receiving end for a change.

Millennial Must-Read: A Quick Chat at Tasty Burger

Christopher Cruz, one of our Communications Fellows, recently spoke with Humphrey Obuobi '18 and Amy Zhao '18 (pictured left) at the semesterly Tasty Burger welcome event. Check out the interview and find out what these students are excited about for the semester!

Millennial Must-Read: The Beginning of a New Adventure

Authored by Christopher Cruz, '18 and one of the IOP student Communications Fellows.
“It’s always a new adventure” were the words IOP President Colin Diersing remarked to me as I talked to him on the floor of the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum. The Forum is often where some of the world’s greatest political figures take center stage to discuss some of the biggest issues facing our nation and the world. However, on this day the IOP and its many program chairs were the ones in the spotlight at the IOP’s Spring Open House. With students nearly exceeding the capacity of the Forum floor it was indeed an adventure navigating through the crowd and the world of the IOP.

Millennial Must-Read: Looking back at Frank Fahrenkopf's Study Group

Authored by Gabe Gladstein, '17 and one of the IOP student Communications Fellows.
“Did you know?” This was how Frank Fahrenkopf began a lot of his sentences with us, the six liaisons for his study group with the Institute of Politics’ Fellows and Study Groups program. Usually, we didn’t know. Many of these sentences would continue with an almost unbelievable story about Frank’s life in the political world, a story like when President Ronald Reagan, sitting with Frank on Air Force One, asked him to stay on as Chair of the Republican Committee for the rest of the President’s term, or when Frank sat and talked with a quiet, solitary Margaret Thatcher at President Reagan’s funeral.


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