Millenial Must Read: Looking for Home: Latinos in the United States

By Ignacio Arbona

Journalist, trailblazer, leader. These are just some of the words I could use to define Jorge Ramos, a man who I had the tremendous opportunity to interview at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum at Harvard University. For those of you who may not have heard of him, where have you been? Ramos is Univision’s Noticiero news anchor, host of the Sunday-morning political show, Al Punto, and host of America, a new, millennial-focused, news show on Fusion. He began his career as a journalist in Mexico but, after facing censorship in 1983, he decided to immigrate to the United States and has stayed here ever since. He is known for his tough interviews, unique style, and strong advocacy for Latino and immigrant rights in the United States.

Millenial Must Read: How to (Help) Grow Potatoes

This past Saturday, Team Hagan endeavored on a mission. Team Hagan (Senator Hagan, her husband and her liaisons) set out to volunteer for the Food Project, an organization committed to building sustainable food systems and supporting their local community. Senator Hagan is passionate about increasing accessibility to nutritious foods and educating youth to live and eat healthy, so we were really excited to find the Food Project and learn about all of their awesome youth programs. Our Saturday was spent at their Lincoln Farm by Walden Pond, where we helped their "Dirt Crew" plant potatoes. So, without further adieu, Team Hagan presents how to (help) grow potatoes.

Millennial Must-Read: A Student Flexing His Teaching Muscles

Authored By Larry Cherkasov '18

The IOP Citizenship Tutoring program provides an interesting environment in which Harvard students are allowed to shed their roles as students and become teachers. The IOP is certainly an ideal organization for a university that does not think of community and leadership as mutually exclusive concepts—Harvard stresses the Newtonian concept of ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ as necessary for its members to progress and thrive. Therefore, I am very grateful to the IOP for the opportunity to tutor immigrants in the citizenship rhetoric that I am both familiar with and love.

Results of the Presidential March Madness: Funniest Slam Dunks from the Commander-in-Chief

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first IOP Presidential March Madness event. Our winner is Lyndon B. Johnson by 11 votes!

"If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac, the headline that afternoon would read: 'President Can't Swim." - Lyndon B. Johnson

Millennial Must-Read: The Future Of Politics: One Line of Code At A Time

By Alex Wirth and Jonathan Marks

In Washington D.C. there are over 30,000 people who every day run, staff, and influence the legislative process without being able to take advantage of modern technology. These individuals rely on experience, intuition, and guesswork to make strategic decisions. They look for information about the legislative process across hundreds of different websites, often manually tabulating votes and bills to find trends. They compare different versions of bills with a highlighter and use Excel to track their outreach.

The future of politics is one where all the information necessary to plan and implement a legislative strategy is in one easy to use website with easily understood quantitative insights and 21st century productivity tools. This is why we built Quorum, Washington’s next generation legislative strategy platform.

Millennial Must-Read : Enough Hope to Change the World

Authored By Katy Dolan '18

Members of the Harvard community filled the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum on Thursday, excited to hear an analysis of the ills of the justice system from one of the nation’s leading experts in that field. What the audience (which included Harvard University President Drew Faust, indicating the eminence of the speaker) didn’t expect, though, was a remarkably inspiring address about changing the world.

Bryan Stevenson, the founder and current Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative based in Montgomery, Alabama and a professor at New York University’s School of Law, is known as a dynamic speaker. His TED talk, “We need to talk about an injustice”, has more than 2 million views. He is a courtroom-tested lawyer and thus no stranger to making a convincing argument; this time he spoke not to free an innocent prisoner from death row or advocate for a poorly defended juvenile, but to persuade every single listener to do everything in their power to make our society a more just place.

Final of Presidential March Madness: Funniest Slam Dunks from the Commander-in-Chief

Do you like March Madness? Do you like presidents? Then you should vote in the IOP’s “Presidential March Madness: Funniest Slam Dunks from the Commander-in-Chief.” We’ve picked sixteen of the funniest one-liners from the forty-four presidents and sorted them into four regions: On Being President, On Dogs, Founding Fathers, and Facial Hair. The final four voting will then close on April 6th with the top two vote-getters advancing to the championship. Finally, championship voting will close on April 9th and the completed bracket will be posted for all to see, post, Tweet, criticize, and debate. Follow us on Twitter (@HarvardIOP) and Facebook so you don’t miss your chance to vote in the three rounds!

Millennial Must-Read: A Conversation with Lawrence Summers & Jason Furman

Authored by Vince Monti '18

It was an economics junkie’s dream. On a brisk, early Spring Monday evening, the JFK Jr. Forum hosted two of the world’s most influential and insightful economic thinkers, Charles W. Eliot Harvard University Professor Lawrence H. Summers, known to many as President Clinton’s Treasury Secretary and former President of Harvard, and Jason Furman, current Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers at the White House, as each man offered his thoughts on the future of the American economy.

Surviving and Thriving in DC: Career Roundtable with Torie Clarke

Authored by Internships and Career Services Committee member Caroline Hunsicker '17

On March 9th, Torie Clark, Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs at SAP spoke at a Career Roundtable event called Surviving and Thriving in DC. Clarke is an IOP Senior Advisory Committee member and a former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs. She gave a unique perspective on the relationship between the private and public sectors, and spoke to the benefits of working in both.


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