Millennial Must-Read: Attending the First-Ever Harvard Public Service Recruiting Day

Authored by Ross Svenson '15.
Harvard Public Service Recruiting Day this fall. My peers and I were so grateful that the Institute of Politics, the Dean for Public Service at Harvard College, the Center for Public Interest Careers, and the Office of Career Services collaborated to make this day a reality, and I could not have envisioned it going better.

Public Service Project: Allegheny College celebrates “The Year of Voting Rights.”

Allegheny College was thrilled to participate in the IOP’s Bipartisan Advocacy conference in September. As a small, liberal arts school in rural Pennsylvania, my fellow representative and I were extremely fortunate to have been surrounded by so many other student activists from schools of all shapes and sizes. Being among such an excited and engaged group was inspiring to me and inspired me to carry out our Voting Rights project at Allegheny to the best of my ability.

Public Service Project: University of Texas hosts Bi-partisan Voter Education Fair

The Harvard National Campaign Conference humanized discussion regarding the issue of political polarization by inviting speakers with experience “finding common ground” between those of disparate interests. After learning from the personal narratives and technical knowledge of these practitioners of effective communication, I realized that the difficulties of addressing the institutional barriers preventing compromise did not impede my ability to foster better personal relationships amongst the ideologically opposed student organizations at the University of Texas at Austin.

Millennial Must-Read: Women SPEAK: Advocating for girls’ health and empowerment

Authored by Women's Policy Group Founder Bernadette Lim '16. This summer, I met Kathleen, a high school senior who has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. I would have never guessed Kathleen’s medical condition with her exuberant and friendly personality, yet the hardships of her medical condition soon came to reality. Together, we talked about her experiences with bullying throughout high school and the difficulty of feeling included and accepted among her peers. Yet, fast forward two months later after attending the inaugural Women SPEAK Leadership Summit this past July, she eagerly came up to talk to me about her day. “By being part of Women SPEAK, I’ve realized that I am more than my struggle,” she told me. “I may be small, but my voice is big!”

Mayor of Ithaca, NY and CEO of Boston-Based Seeding Labs to Receive 2014 John F. Kennedy New Frontier Awards

Svante Myrick, the pioneering Mayor of Ithaca, NY, and Nina Dudnik, Founder and CEO of Seeding Labs, an innovative nonprofit that empowers talented scientists in developing countries to conduct life-changing research, have been named this year’s recipients of the John F. Kennedy New Frontier Awards. The awards will be presented by Jack Schlossberg, John F. Kennedy’s grandson and a member of the New Frontier Award Committee, on December 10, 2014 during a private ceremony at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

Public Service Project: Voter Outreach at Rutgers University

I had heard of Senator Alan Simpson in relation to the Simpson-Bowles commission, and, as said commission had been one of, if not the, most important steps in the public policy dialogue of late, was excited that he was coming to speak on campus. As I started to learn more about him, I was pleasantly surprised. Both his actions and his words are refreshing to me, considering my political identity as a Democrat and his as a Republican- moderate, bipartisan, full of compromise. The word “Republican” and any one of those following adjectives belonging together seemed to me rather singular in today’s political scene.

Job Talk: Running for public office

IOP Fall Fellow and former Governor of Washington, Christine Gregoire, spoke with students on 10/27 about when and how to run for public office. Gregoire shared takeaways for undergraduates and graduates attending the event, which was co-sponsored by the Harvard Kennedy School Office of Career Advancement.

Public Service Project: Knoxville Made Voting Popular

After attending the National Campaign conference, we came back to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville inspired to keep up our voting rights/accessibility work. During a Baker Cafe, in which we spoke with fellow Baker Ambassadors about different issues related to voting, we decided to hold an event in which we would inform voters on different issues up for vote on Election Day. We were inspired by what Trey Grayson said at the conference. He said voting needed to become popular. He continued by saying making voting a social outing is essentially positive peer pressure.

Millennial Must-Read: Hong Kong in Crisis

Authored by John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum Committee member Brendan Kent '18. All eyes were on Hong Kong when protesters took to the streets, demanding democratic reform in what has been called the “Umbrella Revolution.” Yet two months into the movement, rifts between protesting camps and a Beijing government unwilling to budge have prevented any tangible change from taking shape. Amidst a backdrop of uncertainty in Hong Kong, experts weighed in on the potential outcomes of the democracy movement at the JFK Jr. Forum.

Job Talk: Get started in healthcare

Fall 2014 Institute of Politics Fellow Anton Gunn and IOP alumna Sandra Lynne Fryhofer ‘12 spoke with students about careers in healthcare. Gunn and Fryhofer shared takeaways from their experiences at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the White House, as well as on campaigns: The best way to start a career in healthcare, or any public service field, is to reach out to professional in the field with questions. Find professionals that you have things in common with (i.e. same college, hometown, etc.) and ask to meet with them.


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