Summer of Service: Emily's List

Authored by IOP Summer Stipend Recipient and Summer in Washington videographer Laura Aguilar. If you’re a Harvard student interning in D.C. this summer and have the fortune of being able to attend any of the Harvard Institute of Politics Summer in Washington events, I’m the one there behind the camera trying unobtrusively to capture the pensive faces of Harvard students participating in meetings with prominent figures such as Congressman Joe Kennedy, or the elation and excitement of students at events such as the recent World Cup viewings at the Greene Turtle.

Summer of Service: Exploring Maternal health in Los Angeles

Authored by IOP Summer Stipend Recipient interning with the Los Angeles Country Department of Public Health Bernadette Lim. At Harvard and beyond, my academic interests and personal endeavors focus on the intersection of women’s health and social justice, especially as a joint concentrator in Human Evolutionary Biology and Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality. The reason for this is simple. I believe that equitable healthcare services and health education for women are human rights, especially amidst a global history and past that has denied women such across cultures.

Summer of Service: Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA)

Authored by IOP Summer Stipend Recipient interning for Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA) Taylor duPont. The majority of students at Harvard know exactly what they want to do with their lives upon graduation. I, on the other hand have thirty plus ideas floating around in my head and one of those graphic organizers—you know with the shapes and lines all connected—laying next to me at my desk scribbled on with my many aspirations. Concentrating in economics, I have contemplated Wall Street, I have contemplated consulting; I’ve thought long and hard about a variety of start-ups; and I have even considered opening my own event planning business.

Summer of Service: Center for Social Innovation in Bogotá, Colombia

Authored by IOP Summer 2014 Director's Intern with the Center for Social Innovation in Bogotá, Colombia Javier Aranzales '16. This is Javier Aranzales, rising junior concentrating in government, reporting live from the Center for Social Innovation (part of the National Agency to Overcome Extreme Poverty) in my hometown of Bogotá, Colombia. I feel extremely blessed to be having this experience because it feels so tailored specifically for me.

Summer of Service: City of London Corporation

Claire Tan is a Summer 2014 Director's Intern with the City of London Corporation.This summer, I am delighted to be interning at the City of London Corporation. As government body servicing the financial district of London, the Square Mile, the City of London Corporation exemplifies the intersection of politics, public service administration and the financial services. I applied to intern at the City of London Corporation because of this unique position it holds in navigating the intersection between business or commerce and policy, which provides a significant learning point for government bodies in both mature and growing cities.

Summer of Service: The Argentine League for the Rights of Man

Jacob Moscona-Skolnik is a Summer 2014 Director's Intern with Liga Argentina por los Derechos del Hombre (The Argentine League for the Rights of Man). On my first day of work at the Liga Argentina por los Derechos del Hombre (The Argentine League for the Rights of Man), the oldest human rights organization in Argentina and maybe all of Latin America my mentor, Dr. Gerardo Etcheverry, mentioned to me that the term “human rights” does not appear in the organization’s title because the concept had yet to be invented.

Summer of Service: Conciencia in Buenos Aires, Argentina

During the summer of 2014 the IOP is proud to sponsor and work with over 150 students who are spending their summers working in politics and public service around the world. We caught up with Isabel Vasquez who is spending her summer of service interning in Buenos Aires, Argentina with Conciencia! Read her Q&A below.

Summer of Service: Albright Stonebridge Group

Bryan Padilla is a Summer 2014 Director's Intern with the Albright Stonebridge Group. Having shaped my studies at Harvard around the interaction between multinational companies and Latin American governments, people, and institutions, an internship at the Albright Stonebridge Group, an international business advisory and commercial diplomacy firm, is the perfect opportunity to gain a real world understanding of international business dynamics.

Summer of Service: Office of Member of Parliament Paul Maynard

Authored by IOP Director's Intern Reed Silverman '15. Hi, I'm Reed Silverman, a rising senior and current intern in the office of Paul Maynard MP in British Parliament in Westminster. I've completed three weeks on the job, each bringing its own new adventures. As a Government concentrator, my first working experience in real-world politics has been invaluable, both from the standpoint of an academic thinker and an engaged citizen. Let me shine a little light on what I've been up to. As an intern in Paul's office, I work alongside his researchers, of whom there are three.

Spring 2014 Newsletter

As we grow closer to the midterm and presidential elections, it’s no surprise the spring of 2014 was fast-paced and electric at the IOP – and you can catch-up on anything you missed in our new summer newsletter. The Institute’s spring semester featured top political power brokers and heads of state in the Forum, fantastic Fellows and study groups, an innovative conference on politics and technology, incredible media coverage for our new Millennials political poll and more.


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