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Welcome IOP alumni!  It is my hope that this page will help hundreds of former Fellows and students stay up-to-date on alumni news and events and engage with Harvard undergraduates as mentors, advisors and career counselors. 

As a Student Advisory Committee (SAC) alum, I am always trying to better integrate IOP alumni in our work to promote politics and public service careers.  Recently, we established formal committees to engage alumni to help us in two important areas: a Fellows Alumni Advisory Committee, composed of about a dozen former IOP Fellows to communicate regularly with IOP staff on Fellow identification and recruitment, and an Internships Selection Committee of 20 recent student alumni to offer feedback on internship placements and applications.

Alumni are also being better utilized throughout our programming, but particularly in career services and internships.  We are working to promote alumni to our students as mentors for new interns, especially those working on Capitol Hill; feature more alumni during Career Services information sessions and discussions; and encourage alums to pass along new opportunities available in public service.

We now have an annual IOP reunion the Saturday afternoon of each Harvard reunion weekend.  The first two such reunions have been a lot of fun.  We hope to draw even bigger crowds in the future.  In addition, SAC alumni interested in pursuing a Masters degree at the John F. Kennedy School of Government should apply to receive our Alumni Scholarship for financial support toward their graduate studies.

If you don’t make it back to Cambridge very often, we plan to bring the IOP to you more frequently in the future by producing new events targeting alumni participation across the country – including “Forum on the Road” panel discussions, special alumni networking gatherings and briefings on our biannual Millennials research project.

Want to stay “in the know” on these and other IOP programming opportunities?  Be sure we have a current email and snail mail address; click here to provide your up-to-date contact information.

In addition to browsing this site, you can stay current on IOP programming and news in a number of ways: (1) sign-up for our weekly e-newsletter  – sent on Fridays during the semester; (2) follow us on Twitter @HarvardIOP or @JFKJrForum; and (3) “like” us on Facebook at HarvardIOP or JFKJrForum

All of our Forums are streamed live and archived at  Make sure you visit the archive to see old Forums.  Who knows: maybe you’ll see yourself ask a question of the many American and world leaders who have spoken at Harvard’s premier arena for political speech, discussion and debate!

Alumni are a big part of our work to inspire the next generation to pursue careers in public service.  I hope to see you soon at the IOP.

Trey Grayson ’94