“Google Poems” Now Exist

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Matt Shuham

I’ve heard about computer algorithms that can create classical music, but I’ve never heard of a search algorithm that creates a new form of poetry.

And yet, that’s exactly what has happened. “Google poems” were created today, and are characterized by five lines, each starting with the same phrase and the last four ending in a unique phrase. You’ll notice that’s because this is how the google “autofill” algorithm works: you fill in some of your search query, and it gives you four possible results. Bonus points for poems that rhyme in some way, or those that have any literary or artistic merit at all.

You see, it’s interesting because the internet. Here’s my favorite so far, from redditor /u/dishrag:

 Google Poem

To find more, check out reddit.com/r/googlepoems, but only if you have nothing else to do today.